Scientists from Russia invented a cure for thrombus

Russian scientists have made a drug against the creation of a thrombus that has no negative side effects. It is reported that the main element of the drug is a leech body leaf extract.


According to the experts, the first research in this area was made in the 80’s by the famous hirudologist Izolda Baskova. And that work from the time of the USSR was not in vain. The doctors had already been acquainted with the beneficial properties of leeches and learned how to extract the substance needed to dissolve the clot, but at the time it was a very difficult and expensive process.

However, today the Russian experts first in the world succeeded in artificial making of this substance. The significance of the new drug is that when it dissolves the thrombus, it does not negatively affect the proteins, unlike other drugs of this type, reports “Rambler”.