Are the popular weight loss tricks working?

Some of them you may have tried it, and others “are waiting for their turn”.

However, many of them are not worth trying at all and wasting time because they are not accurate.

We’ve selected 11 popular tricks, and you find out who really works and the ones that have no effect.


1. Drink water before a meal

15-20 minutes before eating, drink a glass of water at room temperature. The water will swell you and you will not eat, and plus melt calories.

Result: Does not work. You may be able to “trick” your stomach for 10 minutes, but then you’ll be hungry again.

2. Aromatherapy

During cooking, appetite may increase or decrease, depending on the smell that can give information to the brain whether you are eating. So it’s good to smell apples, mint or vanilla when you’re on a diet.

Result: It works, but not for long. The intense aroma of aromatic oils really reduces appetite, but not for long. After half an hour, you can be hungry again.

3. Clean your teeth with a paste, rather than eating a dessert

The taste of the menthol from the toothpaste gives the brain a signal that your meal has ended.

Result: Works. No matter how strange it sounds, even if you were hungry before, after washing, it will not fall into your mind to eat for another hour. This is so because you connect the washing of teeth with the end of the day and sleeping.

4. Eat while standing

Many recommend eating while standing, as this can burn more calories. You eat faster and eat less.

Result: It works, but not as they say. You may eat less than usual, but not because you are full, but because you will get tired of standing with a plate in your hands.

5. Hold the kit with your other hand

For example, if you are a leftist, hold the kit and eat with your right hand. So you will eat less, because you will not be able to withstand a long time.

Result: Does not work. It’s not that hard to keep the kit in the other hand. Of course, we have the knife and fork in both hands, so how are we used to.

6. Eat in the dark

If you eat in the dark, you will not see how much food has stayed in the bowl and finish the meal when you really have enough food.

Result: Works. That’s really true. Plus, eating in such an atmosphere will make you enjoy your meal and eat slowly.

7. Choose foods that are digested more slowly

Meals with almost the same number of calories may require a different amount of time for digestion. Sometimes, for breakfast, it’s better to eat 2 eggs, instead of muesli or oat flakes.

Result: Works. Cereals may be boiled faster, but in 1 hour you are again hungry. If you are eating an omelette, it will “keep you” full for a long time and you will not need to nibble between main meals.

8. Fress well before eating

When you eat while you are dressed well, you subconsciously eat more slowly, more culturally, and chew several times.

Result: It’s true. When you are dressed in something nice you try not to dirty it and eat it more carefully. However, it takes time to constantly change clothes …

9. Eat 2 cubes of black chocolate when you’re hungry

Even in a smaller amount, black chocolate will fill you with energy, reduce your appetite, and you will not get fat.

Result: Successful! A few cubes of black chocolate with over 70% cocoa, reduces hunger and the desire and the need for something else disappears. It will keep you eaten for at least 1 hour.

10. Chew food 40 times

The longer you chew the food, the more time it is for the brain to realize that you are eaten.

Result: Works. This is an old method that we all know. Of course, you will not be able to chew every bite so many times, but in any case you can eat a smaller amount, thanks to this method. Except for the brain to know when you’re eaten, you’ll get tired of chewing.

11. Use smaller bowls

Fill the bowl with food to make it seem to have plenty of food, but take a smaller plate. So you will eat less.

Result: Works. The same amount of food looks different in different sizes of a plate. In a large bowl, it will look as if you ate too little and would like to recharge several times, and in your little one it seems like you have eaten too much and you are satisfied with less and even you will left your food.