You must read this: Oncologists make huge profits by pushing chemotherapy drugs on gullible, frightened patients

The fantastic story of Chris Wark and his natural healing from stage IIIC colon cancer works as an effective tip of how correct diet plan, regular workout and aggressive natural (rather than chemical) therapies are still among the safest and most effective remedies for treating cancer. But Chris’ mindful rejection of chemotherapy and radiation treatments against the advice of his medical professional likewise led him to realize another sobering reality: that the traditional cancer market, which opposes 100% natural cancer treatment approaches, is nothing more than a corrupt, money-making racket.

A humble father of 2, Chris was detected with phase IIIC colon cancer back in December 2003. Physicians had actually found a golf ball-sized tumor in his large intestinal tract, and the cancer had actually likewise spread out to his lymph nodes. Chris underwent surgery for the growth and was advised by his oncologist to undergo chemotherapy too in order to rid the rest of his body of the cancer, to which he objected. Despite being called “outrageous” for his choice, Chris went the alternative path and the rest is history.

Oncologists get abundant selling chemotherapy drugs to gullible patients persuaded by fear

Part of Chris’ story, regretfully, includes his rather early-on realization that the field of oncology is more dedicated to profits than it is recovery. While first being recommended by an oncologist at the West Clinic in Tennessee to choose chemotherapy, Chris remembers being told by the medical professional that “if you do not do chemo you are crazy,” the kicker being the doctor’s follow-up statement that “I’m not just saying this [because] I need your business.”

This latter statement stuck in Chris’ mind, and after investigating it even more he came to the disturbing awareness that oncologists make obscene benefit from selling chemotherapy drugs, sometimes as much as two-thirds of their overall earnings. It’s the bread and butter of their practice, in fact, and one of the primary reasons that oncologists often adamantly oppose natural treatments– the other factor being that they’re prohibited from promoting them under U.S. business admiralty law (instead of common law).

” Dealing with cancer is this male’s occupation,” composed Chris. “It’s how he earns money and supplies for his household. Every cancer client that walks in his workplace represents countless dollars of profit. He’s basically a salesperson offering his services with a really effective sales pitch: ‘If you do not do exactly what I say, you’re going to die.'”.

Conventional cancer “treatment” cuts out the exploitation intermediary: the pharmacist

Another frequently overlooked fact about the oncology racket is that oncologists run like business people, acquiring chemotherapy drugs at wholesale rates and reselling them to patients for outrageous costs. They’re the only segment of the medical-industrial complex, it ends up, that can lawfully eliminate the pharmacist middleman and crowd all the revenues on their own.

” Their business design is very various from other medical professionals because you can’t purchase chemotherapy drugs at your local drug store,” described Chris. “Oncologists purchase these drugs direct at wholesale rates, then they mark them up and bill the insurance coverage companies. This legal profiting on drugs by medical professionals is special to the cancer treatment world. They’re earning money off the drugs that they insist you take to save your life. That’s a HUGE dispute of interest.”.

Be sure to check out Chris Wark’s website Chris Beat Cancer, which contains a roughly 12-minute video of what Chris found out about the cancer industry throughout his experience.