Morning trick 30-30-30: See what he does to your body! You will be reborn!

You can not spend the day without three or more cups of coffee, and now it’s time to find the new source of morning energy. Tomorrow, try this simple trick 3 times in 30 seconds – we guarantee that you will be thrilled and become an integral part of your daily morning routine.


After you finish with morning showering, before you leave the shower cab, do this hydrotherapeutic trick.

1. Place the shower in the cold (as your body can handle) and water with cold water for 30 seconds. At first you will be really uncomfortable, but in 5-6 seconds your body will get used to it.

2. Then set the shower to a little warmer water and water with it for 30 seconds. The boiling water expands the capillaries, improves circulation and thus stimulates the entire body.

3. Finally, place the reheated shower in cold water and water for 30 seconds. Not only will you be completely alert and ready for the challenges of the new day, but this method will help you to be under less stress, strengthen your immunity, increase your body’s ability to burn fat and improve your mood.