The melon is best eaten in the morning on a hungry stomach. Here’s why!

The melon is an amazing fruit that possesses 19 vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system, makes detoxification of the organs and well hydrates and alkalizes the body.

The melon is not boiled for long, so without any problem it is absorbed in the body. Therefore melon is great to eat in the morning on an empty stomach as breakfast.

The richness of vitamin C in the melon is very important because it helps the immune system to fight bacteria and viral infections.

The melon calms the nerves and eliminates the fears. It is known that it keeps the pulse in normal limits even under severe stress, and also relaxes the muscles in the stomach cramps.

The melon reduces blood pressure. The vitamin A fortune in the melon also helps prevent cataracts and improves eye health.

This fruit helps the body get rid of excess sodium and thus prevents water retention and swelling.

When buying a melon, let it stand until it begins to emit smell and bark bends on touch.

The melon is sweet and delicious fruit and can be a great start to the day as it restores the body and soul.