Junk Food Has You Addicted To Cigarettes!

Here’s an unclean little trick that barely a smoker on planet Earth understands: An acidic body keeps smokers depressed, stressed, anxious and in need of “relief,” so they go right for the nicotine, all while eating chemical-laden scrap food and taking chemical-laced medications that keep them negative, depressed and stressed. Here’s another unclean little secret hardly a cigarette smoker (or medical physician) on world Earth understands: Almost all cessation techniques for sale these days are rip-offs that are designed by Big Tobacco to fail, so the cigarette smoker will go back to the most costly routine that’s ever caught them.


You see, fake science has always been supported by Huge Tobacco and the American Medical Association (AMA), which’s why 20,000 physicians from the 1930s through the 1950s declared in ads that cigarettes were safe, healthy and helped with digestion, all while recommending their “favorite brands.” All this took place AFTER science had shown smoking cigarettes caused lung cancer (that was revealed in the mid-1930s). So now, the dangerous medications, the nicotine spot, the nicotine gum and the absurd CDC scary commercials are all tricks that lead the cigarette smoker right back to the dangerous well within months. That’s why 95 percent of smokers who gave up cigarettes without the correct help return to smoking cigarettes within half a year.

45,000,000 U.S. smokers are not just addicted to cigarettes, however to unhealthy food and junk medicine

Here’s exactly what’s taking place to the 45,000,000 (yes, that’s 45 million) cigarette smokers in the United States right now. Besides cigarette smoking bleach, ammonia and formaldehyde every half hour or hour of the day, they are likewise consuming bleach and ammonia, and probably having formaldehyde (and other dreadful chemicals) injected into their muscle tissue.

Processed food is treated with chemicals to last longer on the rack and over-excite the palate (think of MSG here). Many white foods like flour, bread, rice, pasta and sugar are bleached white. The majority of traditional meats, consisting of fish, are treated with ammonia and bleach to kill the parasites, pathogens and superbug bacteria.

A lot of vaccines, particularly flu shots, are laced with embalming fluid (formaldehyde), MSG, aluminum as well as sometimes mercury. Because many cigarette smokers know they are destroying their health with cigarettes, none of them trouble to consume healthy or avoid toxic medications, like immunizations. Even non-prescription medications like aspirin, cough syrup and cold “solutions” are rip-offs and include a laundry list of harmful chemicals that make health matters worse.

By trying to or perhaps entirely quitting cigarettes for a brief duration of time, yet continuing to contaminate the human body with the chemicals discovered in conventional foods and allopathic medicine, cigarette smokers are essentially “shooting themselves in the foot” consistently (aiming to quit nicotine) while attempting to “run a marathon” (give up smoking cigarettes for good).

Alkalizing, consuming raw organic food, and taking proper supplements eliminates cancer and cancer stick cravings

An acidic body types illness, disorder and negativeness – all typical “symptoms” smokers suffer their entire smoking lives. The persistent ill care market of the U.S.A, along with its partner “Big Food,” takes smoker’s money, not simply by selling them cancer sticks, but by offering them scrap science food, bad nutritional advice, and harmful symptom-cover-up medications. It’s all for sale “under one roof,” and the frauds are marketed best and left (even to children and teenagers) by the very business that benefit from cigarette smokers being ill and addicted.

There is one program we’ve found (it may be the only one in deep space) that incorporates nutrition as a significant part of stopping cigarettes and staying off them permanently. That’s the secret, you see, to never ever getting dragged back onto “the hook.”

The designer of Stop Cigarette smoking Naturally in 2 Week studied nutrition in addition to the chemicals in foods and medication before developing the popular natural cessation method that is like no other quitting approach on earth. The book is an easy read and integrates step-by-step habits changes that stroll the cigarette smoker through the very first 2 Week of giving up (the hardest part), then checks out and explains powerful superfoods and organic supplements that alkalize the body, assistance with detoxifying, and eliminate cigarette yearnings forever! It’s worth having a look at for cigarette smokers who have the desire to quit however simply have no concept how to accomplish the way of life change.