Why in Iceland are born at least children with Down syndrome?

Iceland could become the first country in which children with Down syndrome are not born, writes “Independent”.

“Currently, one to two children with this syndrome are born annually,” says Hilda Hjartardotir of the State University Hospital.

Pre-natal tests were introduced in 2000, and the overwhelming majority of mothers in whom the Down Syndrome Test is positive decide on termination of pregnancy. Almost 85 percent of Iceland’s future mothers are being voluntarily tested for the discovery of the syndrome, and those who test the positive, Helga Sol Olafsdotir, a person who advises future mothers, tells them that it is their right to choose the life they want.

“We do not consider abortion a murder. We terminate pregnancy if there are serious clues about possible complications and thus prevent the suffering of both the child and the parents. I find it a more correct way of thinking than a murder. Life is not black and white, life is gray, “says Helga Sol Olafsdotir.

The Icelandic law permits termination of pregnancy after the 16th gestation week if the fetus has a deformity, and Daun’s syndrome is included in this category.