Harmful groceries that slow down metabolism and impair health!

The food we consume, often contains various additives and chemicals that slow down the process of elimination of toxins, and therefore weakening.

In addition, we present to you several harmful groceries that you should avoid in favor of your health.


Ice tea – contains propylene glycol alginate (E405), a stabilizer, a thickener, and an emulsifier, and can cause cardiovascular and neurotoxic problems.

Popcorns from microwave – contain trans fats, and popcorn with butter also contain diacetyl – a chemical that is harmful to the brain.

Cereals with added sugars – contain bottled hydroxyanisole (BHA), refined carbohydrates and added sugars. Too much “white” groceries, such as flour and sugar, lead to obesity, which is the cause of many diseases.


Dietary juices – contain harmful ingredients such as bisphenol (BPA) and aspartame. BPA, which is present in plastic bottles for drinks, contains harmful chemicals, and aspartame elevates blood glucose levels.

Meat products – containing a large amount of salt. Large amounts of nitrates prevent the body from processing the sugar naturally, which leads to the risk of diabetes. Also, the large amount of salt in the body can affect the work of the thyroid gland and increases the risk of hypertension.

Deep fried foods – hydrogenated oil has numerous harmful effects on the body, such as clogged blood vessels and obesity. Also, research shows that everything related to hydrogenated oils and containing trans fats can contribute to the development of depression.