After curing his own cancer with cannabis oil, a man sets up foundation for patients seeking alternative treatments

Cancer survivor David Hibbitt is developing a patient assistance structure after treating his own cancer with cannabis oil.
David, 33, was diagnosed with phase III bowel cancer in July 2012 and went through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical treatment to treat his condition.
Despite these efforts, medical professionals informed David that his cancer was terminal. He took matters into his own hands by trying marijuana oil as a last option. He bought marijuana from a local dealership for $70 a gram.
The daddy of one declares he has actually been cancer-free because early last year and wants to set up a support system for cancer patients who are seeking option treatments.
” Friends had actually told me about cannabis oil and I dismissed it in the beginning. I have actually never enjoyed drugs,” David informed sources.
” However in February in 2015 I was informed I only had 18 months to 5 years to live, and I felt I needed to try everything I could. I felt like the chemo was eliminating me and I had absolutely nothing to lose. I couldn’t accept I was going to die.”
The royal oil
After doing some online research of his own, David found a plentiful amount of details about the medical advantages of cannabis oil and chose to attempt it.
” When I was told I had terminal cancer, I just couldn’t accept it. I remained in my early 30s and I had my kid to consider, so I decided to attempt alternative treatments,” he said.
” A couple of people had currently suggested using cannabis oil, so I chose to check out the research study prior to I chose to try.”
He beginning using percentages of marijuana oil in May 2014 in combination with courses of chemotherapy.
” I took really percentages in the beginning together with chemotherapy, but I began missing my appointments at the healthcare facility for one reason or another.”
” Come to the end of August, I felt that the chemotherapy was really making me poorly. I believed that if I was going to die, I didn’t want to feel this ill, so I chose to stop my treatment.”
” I continued taking marijuana oil, however I also had other treatments such as radiotherapy, and I likewise had an operation at the end of October 2014.”
Promising to other cancer clients
David was provided the all clear last April following a scan in January. He is presently working on setting up the David Hibbitt Structure.
” Since telling others about my story, I have had a great deal of individuals contact us desiring to know more about alternative treatments.
” It just looks like there is nowhere for people to go to get this sort of guidance.
” I do not want people to believe that cannabis oil is a wonder treatment, however I just want individuals to know there are other treatments out there that can help.
” The Foundation will have a support group that is totally totally free to sign up with and it will be a location where people can get advice, along with talk with each other about their experiences. It has to do with providing people a bit of hope.”
Others have actually affirmed to the medical benefits of cannabis oil in wake of David’s recovery, consisting of cancer patient Gary Cartlidge, aged 59: “I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in October 2014 and the physicians just gave me between three and 6 months to live.
” I started utilizing cannabis oil about 12 months back, and I am still here.”
” Exactly what David is doing is tremendous because there are individuals out there who need aid, but do not know where to go for suggestions on alternative treatments.”
Cannabis isn’t really simply an efficient method to assist chemo patients with a suppressed appetite eat. In an ironic twist of turns, sometimes, it may likewise be the treatment.