Are you aware that bad food kills you?

Of course, none of us will live forever, we all have our own day of judgment, but after all, the greatest judgment seems to bring us what we consume (or do not consume) on a daily basis.

Guardian has released the latest results from a large-scale study of diseases affecting all human beings, which show that diet is a key cause for one of five deaths in the world. This means that millions of people simply consume too much salt and sugar, and do not inject sufficient quantities of whole grains, fruits, seeds, nuts and fish oils.


“This is a huge global problem,” said Dr. Christopher Murray, director of the Institute of Metrics and Health Assessment at the University of Washington.

However, the insufficient number of healthy foods in daily diet also puts far worse health effects from the consumption of unhealthy ones. However, this is a problem that largely depends on the economy.

“Let’s take it as an example,” said Murray.

– It is true that it is useful for health, but only the rich eat a lot of fruit, with some exception.

In addition to diet, leading factors for the risk of death include smoking and high blood pressure. However, the study “The Global Burden of Disease” has come up with several encouraging findings – life expectancy has been prolonged by 75.3 years for women and 69.8 years for males.

Also, the number of deaths due to infectious diseases has fallen.