These Are The 16 Organic Antibiotics And Antibacterials That Every Person Should Have Them in Their Home!

Having some organic antibiotics on hand is always good, especially when things get messier. Check the following video to learn more about the top 5 natural antibiotics and their benefits.

Here is an excerpt from this video’s website:

1. Oregano oil pills

It is one of the most powerful herbal antibiotics and it is extremely potent. A pound of oregano oil is made from 1,000 pounds of oregano.

According to research: Oregano oil was tested in vitro on staphylococcus at Georgetown University Medical Center. Researchers found that even a small amount can provide the same effect as conventional antibiotics. A study published in a popular journal of medicine found that oregano oil has strong antibacterial properties against 5 species of dangerous bacteria, especially Escherichia.

Oregano oil contains two active compounds — thymol and caravacrol. According to Dr Axe, carvacrol is able to treat and reduce bacterial and fungal infections, parasites, viruses, inflammation, candida, and even tumors. Many experts recommend administration of oregano oil for only 2-4 weeks at a time. Some recommend taking it in a pill form, as it has strong nature. Gaia brand is amazing. Oregano oil is also considered as an antifungal and antiviral.

2. Olive leaf

It’s a widely known herbal antibiotic. According to some studies, olive leaf isn’t an antibiotic alternative for broad spectrum of conditions. However, it affects dangerous stomach bacteria, including MRSA which is often resistant to antibiotics. This oil possesses antifungal and antiviral properties.

3. Garlic cloves

Garlic contains high amounts of antioxidants. Allicin is one of the main active components of garlic, and you can find it in freshly crushed cloves of garlic. According to many studies, garlic has powerful antimicrobial effects. One specific study discovered that it can improve the action of the gentamicin antibiotic, and even neutralize its side effects on kidneys. University of Maryland states that garlic boosts the immune system, and other study proved that it can reduce the common cold. Garlic is also antiviral and antifungal.

4. Goldenseal

This herb is commonly used in the treatment of infections of the mucus membranes. Also it can be used to heal inflammations. In its content have antimicrobial alkaloids from which berberine are the main alkaloid.

It is considered as a strong antifungal and antidiarrheal, and it is efficient in the treatment of protozoa.

5. Vitamin C

If your level of vitamin C is high that is a sign that you have excellent immunity. The stress and diseases can decrease the level of vitamin C. According to research made from the researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NYC revealed that vitamin C kills resistant cultures in vitro, and they also found that they cannot develop vitamin C resistance.

Once you notice the first cold or flu-like symptoms, take 1000mg of vitamin C, three times a day for about a week. Your condition shall improve within 2-4 days!

6. Andrographis paniculata

Another ingredient with strong antibacterial properties is Andrographis paniculata which is often used in treating respiratory tract infections and problems with sinus. Also it is efficient in treating sore throat, cough and headaches.

7. Ehinacea tincture

This tincture with strong antibacterial properties it is used to treat special conditions of respiratory, digestive and genitourinary tracts. It also does miracles in the treatment of sore throat.

8. Bee propolis

It is a strong antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. It is great for respiratory infections.

9. Manuka honey

Antibacterial, excellent for wounds and MRSA.

10. Colloidal silver

Amazing antibiotic. Use it to treat upper respiratory ailments and toothache. Colloidal silver has shown to kill over 600 different germ strains. Important is the fact that common antibiotics are only effective against a few of these. Use it to treat ear and sinus infections.

If you have a toothache, over the counter remedies will only mask your pain. Try swishing some colloidal silver for several minutes each day. This will sure relieve your pain and you will never ever have issues with any of your teeth. Try Sovereign Silver, as it is easily absorbable. Of course, any well-known brand works great, and you can also make your own! There are many Youtube tutorials that provide detailed instructions.

11. Oregon Grape

It is a strong antibacterial. Use it to relieve conditions of your intestine and urinary tract.

12. Tea tree oil

Antibiotic; against bacterial infections, yeast and fungi.

13. Grapefruit seed extract

Antibiotic for broad spectrum of conditions, antiviral, fungicide, and antiparasitic

14. Forsythia suspense

Antibiotic for broad spectrum of conditions

15. Coenzyme Q10

Antibiotic; bronchitis, upper respiratory, COPD

16. Bromelain

Antibiotic; bronchitis, upper respiratory tract