12 everyday and simple weight loss practices!

Never enough from tips and rules for a more beautiful look, especially in the summer.

Read these few habits that you can easily apply in everyday life, and they will make a big difference in how you look and how you feel.

1. As soon as you wake up, immediately drink a glass of water.

2. Buy weights for exercise and use them.

3. Cook the vegetables on a grill or grill-pan, instead of frying it in the oil.

4. Download an application that controls calorie intake.

5. Always eat from beautiful dishes, because you will not be concentrated only on food and you will not overdo it.

6. Try to add vegetables in every meal: add spinach to the omelette, pickles in a sandwich, and the like.

7. Make yourself a fitness playlist with your favorite songs for motivation.

8. Get out more from home. Eat and practice in the open.

9. Read what is written on the food label in the store and do not buy products with artificial additives.

10. Eat meat with chilly foods, such as hot peppers, because they are good for weight loss.

11. If you must eat dessert, practice fruit. Ice cream with a few apricots, a pomegranate with raspberries and the like.

12. Plant herbs on the balcony: rosemary, mint, lavender. Plus, with gardening you can lose calories.