Why are you so hungry after running?

The spring and the beautiful weather mark the moment when we firmly tie the shoes and we can start running. And why do not you want to run when you burn out a lot of calories, it’s happening outdoors instead of stifling rooms, and you do not need additional funding to practice it.

But despite the fact that running is a great physical activity, after the training you feel an unstoppable hunger and a desire for too much food.


Why are you so hungry after running?

Spend too much calories

If you are preparing for a marathon or a shorter race, you normally do everything yourself while you are running. Minutes like the miles you spend are increasing and it is very normal after 7 or 8 km to feel an enormous hunger.

However, you have run quite a lot and keep in mind that running is one of the most energetic forms of physical activity. The 45-minute running can not be compared to the 45-minute turning orbital or static bicycle. Hunger is a fairly normal consequence after such a grueling activity.

Every physical activity carries a different appetite

Different types of training work differently on appetite. Running as a physical activity requires much more energy and involves all muscles during a workout.

This is one of the reasons that you may feel unbearable hunger after you finish running. Studies show that short-weight training on the other hand suppresses appetite.

Do not eat enough

If you are on a restrictive diet you have a caloric deficit at the very beginning of running. Add all those calories you lose during running and ask yourself why you are eating so much. If you are preparing for running, and before you did not eat anything for 5 to 6 hours, the answer is already clear.

Psychological, rather than physical hunger

This is a very common problem that occurs in humans. The following happens in your head – I ran so much, I must be very hungry. I have to reimburse what I lost.

You start greedily eating immediately after running and losing your senses and control how much you have eaten. The truth is that you are not so hungry and the hunger you feel is more emotional, or psychological, than a real physical hunger.

You’re dehydrated

Do not drink enough water before and after running. Dehydration can very easily be identified with hunger.

How to solve the appetite problem after running?

Drink more water

Pour a small amount of water before starting to run and about one 500 ml bottle after you finish the workout.

Eat immediately after running

Plan the meal before starting physical activity. So you will know exactly what to eat up to 1 hour at the latest after you run well. The combination of protein and little carbohydrates is the cleverest choice for a meal (little yogurt and fruit) or boiled egg, lettuce and a small piece of whole bread.

Learn to recognize hunger

It is really important that you are related to your body and learn to recognize the symptoms of true hunger and thirst. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll know to turn off alarms for false panic, or unrealistic hunger.

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