US giant Coca-Cola announces real challenge: “If you find a sugar replacement, you get a million dollar reward”

Reducing the sugar content of end products is one of the most popular trends of today, and the American giant juice giant now offers a tempting reward as an incentive to find a way to improve its product line.

Coca-Cola thus challenged all researchers and scientists in order to produce a natural substitute for low-calorie, or even calorie, sugar for the well-known company. And the winner of this competition, which will be announced in October 2018, offers him – a million dollars!

The company also conducts less competition for $ 100,000, a “challenging sweet story”, as participants would learn the tried and true methods of natural sweetening of food or drinks in their cultures, communities or families.

But a million dollar reward is actually a small sum for a company that is as big as Coca-Cola, especially considering the role of sugar in obesity and the epidemic of type 2 diabetes, and the consequent reduction in consumption of carbonated drinks.

“Today’s sugar is the No. 1 product that consumers simply want to avoid in their diet,” said Darren Seifer, an analyst at the Food and Beverage Industry in the NPD Group.

The message that the consumption and use of sugar should be reduced is constantly sent by experts around the world. This is a huge challenge for the drinks industry, especially considering that consumers do not want artificial sweeteners in their juices.

“We are looking for a natural, safe, low-calorie, and generally calorie-rich substance that creates a taste for the taste of sugar when it’s put in a drink,” Coca-Cola said on its platform for collecting HeroX ideas.

Coca-Cola was previously looking for a sugar-free drink. Thus, dietary carbonated juices, which naturally have their customers, also occur, but people generally do not like artificial sweeteners because they simply do not taste like sugar.

There are already several plant-based sweeteners on the market, such as stevia, but are not nearly as popular as expected.

And Coca-Cola has several stevia products. The company therefore excluded this battle from the competition.

But finding a good alternative to sugar is certainly not an easy task …