Pink Chocolate Ruby is the new variant of chocolate after 80 years

After 80 years, a new variant of chocolate appears on the market. It is a completely natural pink and fruity chocolate!

Surely you are already tired to constantly choose between dark, milky and white chocolate. The new pink chocolate was created by Swiss Barry Calebaut, who made natural apparel the first variety to come into the market after Nestlé launched the white chocolate in 1930. The promotion of the Ruby chocolate, which offers a new gastronomic experience, was held at a special event in Shanghai, China on 5 September 2017.


The manufacturer of Zurich argues that there are no berries in it, a raspberry taste or a color in order to create a new confection. Instead, natural chocolate receives the nuance and unusual taste of the unique ruby. It belongs to the same species as plants used to create traditional chocolate, but contains a unique blend of compounds. Calebaut says he will not reveal his own process he uses to extract pink color and fruity taste, so the company says that with his research team of experts, they will try to discover the ruby attributes.

Those who want to try this chocolate will need to be patient because the company that has conducted several successful taste tests for chocolate in China and other parts of the world is looking for partners to bring it to the market. Calebout hopes that from six to eighteen months this chocolate will be available to consumers.