5 ways to improve the health and appearance of your skin through food

As sometimes we all throw out of our skin after consuming large amounts of alcohol and fast food after it, the diet is associated with the condition of the skin (and the whole organism, among others, but that’s another topic).

But everywhere there are so many different, conflicting information about how to feed in order to have healthy and beautiful skin, as well as some wonderful “make-it-yourself” recipes (we will skip the mask of mayonnaise for the face, thank you very much).

To clarify these conflicting information, we spoke with nutritionist and aesthetist Briton Plug, one of the best in her profession and working in Brooklyn. She unveiled beauty myths and calls for natural health trends to be sought in 2015.


1. Eat less inflammatory dishes

The biggest culprits for the bad look of your skin are inflammatory foods – such as excessive consumption of dairy products (without yogurt and ajaran), gluten and sugar. If you have skin problems, cut them or completely remove these things from your diet.

Or at least try to eliminate them for two weeks and check if it will have an effect. Also, when you return these products back to your diet, they will have an enhanced response so you can see how they affect you – gas, bloating, headaches … If you eat them too often, your body may already have an established reaction to a low degree. We all have different levels of tolerance, but these dishes are common culprits.

2. Eat only high quality dark chocolate

I thought that the chocolate advice was a myth, but after I started working with an acupuncturist, I started and applied Chinese medicine in my work and there is something behind the idea that chocolate can be inflammatory to the body. But I also researched its benefits, in particular those of dark chocolate, and it’s great for cystic acne. All depends on the face of each individual, but high quality dark chocolate is a friend of the skin.

3. Invest in a good probiotic

Stomach health and skin health are really tightly connected. Probiotics are many. High quality probiotics in the form of capsules are as good as fermented as “kimchi”. People often tell me “So I drink a lot of yogurt” – but you need to choose yogurt that is wholly milk and no sugars in order to get the benefits and before that you would like to check that you are certainly not sensitive to dairy products. So I recommend sour cabbage and kimchi.

If you start taking a high-quality probiotic you will notice a drastic difference – you will go to the toilet easier and more often.

4. Use food on your face

If eating yogurt is not your favorite or you are sensitive to dairy products – start using it as a mask. It has enough acids, it tightens and nourishes the skin, plus it also strengthens the flora of the skin.

I am a great fan of using honey on the skin. It’s full of vitamins, so it’s great for both acne and anti-aging. I especially love it after sunbathing. To make a mask, mix about half a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of hot water – this way dilute it to the skin and leave it as long as the time allows.

5. Start experimenting with coal and sandalwood

Coal has always been great for the skin, especially if you need detoxification. For example, if you are intolerant to gluten, and yet enter gluten in yourself, take a capsule of charcoal and problem solved – it will re-balance your intestines.

Sandalwood is also something that we will start to hear about and use – especially as a skin care oil. All essential oils are healing, and sandalwood is especially useful for getting circulation and for healing the skin. In Chinese medicine, they call him a “blood engineer” so it can be great for skin prone to acne. I recommend using it only once a day – in the evening before bedtime – to remove make-up and other crammed things through the day. And hold the routine to achieve results – it’s pretty simple.