The work of models requires them to constantly care and maintain their body in excellent shape.

The work of models requires them to constantly care and maintain their body in excellent shape.

Many people think that to achieve this, these beautiful girls are constantly on strict diets and eat only plants and drink water.

But it is not like this. They have a normal meal as well that they practice for breakfast, and we find out what the best-known models are eating and how many calories a meal contains.

Gigi Hadid

Bread, eggs and milk are part of everyday breakfast she has, and to get rid of excess calories, she practices boxing.

Candice Swanepool

She believes that if breakfast is good, there will be no need for extra meals and snacks during the day.

Miranda Kerr

She starts the day with a glass of warm water and lemon juice. However, she thinks that to maintain the line, she needs to exercise.

Carly Clos

Besides the diet, her secret is that she changes the type of exercise every day. However, her favorites are classic dances.

Nina Agdal

In addition to bringing in very little calories for breakfast, the other secret weapon of this beauty is its intense training with elements of military exercises.

Giselle Bundchen

Smuti of lemon, cucumber and lemon disorders is her special ritual for the beginning of the week, and from sports activities, kung fu classes are her favorites.

Dauzen Cruz

In addition to the rich breakfast, for a pleasant feeling in the body, she consumes fresh citrus fruits in the morning.

Adriana Lima

To strengthen immunity, the model eats 1 tablespoon honey every day. Her breakfast is rich and nutritious, and she practices hoodie from sports.

Rosei Huntington-Whitley

15 minutes before and after a meal, Rosei drinks a glass of water, and before the main meal, she eats fruits once a day to reduce hunger.

Irina Shake

Russian beauty loves homemade food and gladly inserts cheesecake or pancakes. In any case, every gram, which is a surplus, lashes it out in the gym, with exercising 5 times a week.