Does your vagina smell noemal? If you feel these 5 things – Visit your doctor immediately

The scent of the vagina varies from woman to woman, but there are still a few smells that are real signs of anxiety and a signal that something is seriously wrong.

Scent of metal

Such a scent is quite common when your period has just finished, or if you have an unprotected relationship, your sperm has disturbed the pH of the vagina. Usually, the smell is withdrawn after a few hours to a few days, and if it lasts for a long time, you should contact a gynecologist.

Smell of fish

If you feel this unpleasant smell, it is usually a symptom of vaginosis or trichomoniasis, which can be the result or disbalance of bacteria or a sexually transmitted disease, but in any case – visit a doctor.

Musky scent

If you notice that the vagina suddenly smells unpleasant and difficult, with musk tones, perhaps the problem is that you are wearing tight cloths and the vagina can not breathe in it. That’s why you sweat more. Just select a little loose clothing and use soap adjusted pH of your vagina.

Yeasty smell

This is a sure sign of fungal infection, and if you still have thickness, white secretion and itching, you should be already in your way to the gynecologist.

Rotten smell

If you feel this extremely unpleasant smell, it means that something big is wrong and that you have to urgently see a gynecologist. The reasons for this scent can be numerous – from the forgotten tampon, to numerous diseases, and the diagnosis will, of course, be best placed by the gynecologist himself.