Refresh yourself: Refreshing drinks made in five minutes!

Temperatures are increasing every day. Except that we are hiding in the shade or rooms with air conditioning, we seek salvation in cold and refreshing drinks.

The following suggestions will cool you down, and you can prepare them very quickly and easily at home or at work.


Cold frappe

An excellent choice that will instantly nurture you and will refresh you. Only with water, sugar and milk or without, and ice – the frappe is ready in minutes.

Water with taste

If you are bored all the time to drink plain water with ice, add some taste. Cut some seasonal fruit or add a little grated ginger, cinnamon or fresh mint leaves. These ingredients will give a good taste to the water, and help detoxify the body.


The old good lemonade has always been an idea of summer refreshment. Variations are many – lemonade with lavender, flavored with rose or with mint petals. Instead pressed lemon, a good option is pressed orange.

Ice tea

We do not mean about a iced tea from the store because it contains a lot of sugar in its structure. Boil your tea (our recommendation is green) and leave in the fridge overnight. The next day you will have an excellent healthy drink.