The Recipe For Natural Removal Of Fatty Tissue (Lipoma) Within 8 Days – Confirmed By Thousands Of People!

Lipomas or otherwise called mass formation are benign tumors of fat that is actually harmless but very unaesthetic. These growths can occur on the neck, head, armpits or arms at any age. They only appear in one place in people aged 40 -60 years, but they may also appear in several places and be very unpleasant.


According to modern science, the cause of their formation isn’t known, but doctors associate them with genetics. They may also be associated with high cholesterol levels or obesity.

People usually want to avoid surgery and harmful drugs for the treatment of lipoma, but luckily there is a natural alternative.

Doctors will say to you to do surgery for removal of lipoma or lasers even. But, these can just solve this temporarily most of the time.

But we have soup recipe for you that solves this in no time and is great. Even dermatology experts recommend this. It removes the lipoma and is just a mix of flour and honey.

The natural cure

Mix same parts honey and flour and make a paste. Put it on the lipoma. The layer must be thick 10 millimeters. When it is applied, secure with patch and leave for 36 hours. Then rinse and make another batch. Use this 5 times in 8 days and when this is done, you will see the tissue flattened. Use dark honey and whole grain flour if you can.

But how does it work?

The honey and flour mixture is effective for external wounds and sores. Also honey has very powerful anti-inflammatory effects that draw away toxins and impurities and stimulates the circulation and lymph flow.

A study that involved 59 cases of lipoma has shown that the regular medical prescribed lipoma treatment hardly showed any results in 2 years, while the natural flour and honey remedy showed incredible results only 7 days later.

Some more tips for fatty deposits in the body:

– Body detoxification naturally prevents and eliminates lipoma
– Completely remove refined oils and saturated fats from your diet
– Avoid foods that contain preservatives, pesticides, additives, meat and milk
– Natural spices like psyllium, chickweed, chicory, papaya, sage, okra, turmeric and mandarin can help you detoxify and cleanse your body
– Drink lemon water in the morning
– Consume omega-3 fatty acids since they prevent the formation of fat tissue
– Consume more sprouts and nutrients