New study confirms autism is caused by mercury in vaccines

Egyptian scientists discover not so shocking problem with American vaccines.

In Egypt, a team of nine scientists from prestigious Egyptian medical schools and universities have found that one in every 50 children in America have metabolic brain disease, and it could be a result of the mercury contained in vaccines. How was this found?

Mercury exposure is measured by examining children’s urinary porphyrins (excreted organic compounds that are biomarkers for mercury toxicity). The presence of mercury within blood and urine exploits the well-known link with vaccines and metabolic brain disease (autism), but the severity of autism is closely linked to the levels of exposure to this harmful neurotoxin.

Out of the 100 children being studied, 40 with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) had higher exposure levels to mercury than their non-autistic siblings and healthy kids in the study. Children who had the severe forms of metabolic brain disease had displayed the highest amount of mercury exposure. Natural health enthusiasts have been talking about vaccines and their dangers, as well as mercury in dental fillings, and now science proves them right.

Disordered urinary porphyrin metabolism – the smoking gun of the autism–mercury connection

At least six American studies have linked autism presence or severity to mercury exposure as determined by measuring urinary porphyrins. The first study, completed by Heyer et al. in 2012 (Autism Res 5:84) showed a correlation between the presence of autism and specific urinary porphyrins associated with mercury toxicity. This affirmed an earlier study by Kern et al. (2011, Pediatr Int 53:147) where specific porphyrins associated with mercury toxicity were significantly higher in ASD children as compared to non-autistic controls. Woods et al. (2010, Environ Health Perspect 118:1450) also saw disordered porphyrin metabolism in autistic kids which was not observed in non-autistic control children. This again suggested increased mercury toxicity associated with autism and autism spectrum disorder.

The study previously mentioned in the beginning from Egypt, also included an analysis of the mothers of the autistic children who had more than a couple dental “silver” amalgams (mercury-loaded fillings), which scientists said had caused the exposure of mercury to their children.

Special note: Used in vaccines like the flu shot, ethyl mercury in thimerosal is 50 times toxic to body tissue as the methyl mercury in fish and amalgams, and is proven to be more persistent in the brain. When injected into the bloodstream and into muscle tissue, it works around the human body protective systems, like the skin, digestive organs and lungs. This is how mercury can penetrate the blood/brain barrier.

It’s not just mercury causing metabolic brain disease, but also lead and aluminum

In 2015, a paper published in Behavioral Neurology by a group of researchers from the National Institute of Standards revealed results of a study of 100 autistic children with significantly high levels of mercury, lead and aluminum that may have resulted from environmental exposure. Aluminum is often also found in vaccines, and lead has been revealed to be in most U.S. tap water, sometimes at alarming levels (think of Flint, Michigan, here).

Detoxification by chelating agents could play a major role in improving the lives and mental and social capacities of children afflicted with metabolic brain disease. Remember, autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that appears during infancy or childhood (not at birth), with a broad array of communication and learning impairments, from mild to moderate to severe. It is rarely, if ever, inherited, but rather brought on by an overload of neurotoxins either consumed, injected or ingested from environmental factors, or all of the above.

Realize the CDC has formally admitted to covering up the autism-mercury-vaccine link

Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth and the second most poisonous element known to mankind, second only to uranium, yet, for some reason, it’s still used in vaccines as a preservative, even when there are several other options that are not toxic that would do the same job. It is scientific fact that human brain neurons permanently disintegrate in the presence of mercury within one hour of exposure. Thimerosal is a mercury containing preservative (about 50 percent mercury), and the World Health Organization warned about its use in vaccines way back in 1990.

Plus, mercury is a cumulative poison, meaning the body has difficulty removing it and it accumulates significantly over time. Some infants receive more mercury in one day than the WHO recommends as a maximum for adults for three months worth of exposure. One scientific fact most Americans do not know is that aluminum (listed as aluminum phosphate) in vaccines greatly increases the toxicity of mercury (listed as thimerosal), therefore caution about minimum mercury tolerance is severely underestimated.

The CDC combines both aluminum and mercury together in vaccines. The Tetanus and Diptheria vaccine are found to have “trace” amounts of mercury in the same vaccine with aluminum. The whooping cough vaccine contains formaldehyde and aluminum phosphate. Mixing both a flu shot with mercury and aluminum is lethal to the brain and central nervous system.

The CDC has kept any evidence proving the link between the MMR vaccine and autism since 2002.

A senior scientist and epidemiologist at the US Centers for disease control and Prevention (Immunization Safety branch), Dr. William W. Thompson, said to the vaccine-autism link in a confession letter (Dr. Thompson sent it in an email to CDC officials through his attorneys). After a decade of silence, Dr. Thompson couldn’t bear to keep it a secret any longer, especially when many parents are having children being born with autism, and suffering as a result. Then he decided to reveal it all.