Homemade juice that “melts” even the hardest fatty deposits!

In addition to being incredibly healthy for overall organism, this natural juice of tomato, lemon, ginger, celery and hot pepper is also the richest enemy of fats, and a great refreshment for the current temperatures.

All the ingredients that make up this powerful natural drink accelerate the metabolism and break down the most persistent fat deposited on critical parts of the body.


If you consume juice daily with a moderate, healthy diet, the result in less than a month is guaranteed. In addition, this juice will complement the lost fluid from the body during the hot days.

For a glass of juice (220 milliliters) you need – one cup of tomato juice (no sugar), 2 celery stalks, one quarter cup lemon juice, 1 teaspoon ginger (fresh and grated), 1 hot pepper (and you can add half a teaspoon of black pepper).

Preparation – Stir the tomato juice with lemon juice, ginger and peppercorn. Pour the juice in a high glass and add the celery. Drink it slowly and nibble the celery.

From this potion you can make a larger quantity that will be sufficient in two days, that is, for six cups of juice. Keep it in the refrigerator. After three cups of juice consume during the day and divide it in the period between breakfast, lunch and dinner, instead of inter-binge. If desired in the cup you can add two or three ice cubes.