A guide to mental fitness and a better emotional state

We always think that mental illness is happening to other people out there somewhere far away. But, unfortunately, this is not the case, and we are aware of it, but too late.

Maintaining and improving mental health is easy to explain, but it is a real challenge to succeed in doing so. For physical fitness have a gym, Youtube tutorials with exercises, countless magazines with specific exercises, but when it comes to mental health the situation is different.

If you still can not recover from the winter gray, here are some tips for improving mental health:

Start the day off

At first thing in the morning, approach it as an exercise in how you want your brain to behave that day. If you wake up and immediately grab the phone to check the news on Facebook and the messages, hoping someone has thought of you, do not be surprised if your brain does so throughout the rest of the day. You will always be de-concentrated and you will be worried if someone squeezed “like”.

Learn to hold your phone by the bed, but choose to do something else as soon as you wake up. Start tomorrow with this practice.

Do not wait for motivation

Chasing the senses is a real challenge to mental health. When we fight, we are about achieving some sort of security, security, facilitation, and even motivation. All this leads to anxiety, insecurity and less time and energy for the things we want.

Your brain sometimes will tell you not to go out with people or that you are not ready to do the important things you postpone, but do not listen to it. Feelings, such as motivation, come after you do the things you enjoy, not before.

Greet the anxiety

Do not be trapped in a cage if you believe that you can not do some things when you feel anxious or depressed. A way to improve your mental health is not to avoid experiences, but to learn how to deal with them.

As you can not expect to make solid muscles if you do not sweat well, it’s similar to mental health. You need to challenge your brain to develop new skills. This summer find things that matter to you, and you’ve avoided doing them and do them.

Focus on support, not on distant goals

How many times have you stated that this summer will be the summer when things change and then nothing changes? This often happens because the goals you chase are actually the results of the goals you need to chase. You are trying to cross the ocean without first building a boat.

Instead of setting a goal to make a slimmer figure this summer, first set yourself up to cook a healthy lunch every week. Through these salient goals, you are closer to success.

Talk about where you are going

If you do not know how to swim and end up in the ocean, you will fight. If you enroll in swimming lessons then you do not want to be a droid and you will learn how to swim. But when mental health is concerned, people want to stick labels even if they then learn skills to overcome challenges.

There are not many people to support you in drowning, but you’ll be surprised how many people will be willing to help you if you want to learn new skills. Talk about the new things you want to learn.