Exercising in Pregnancy: Misconceptions in which you should not believe

Many women are afraid of the baby’s health if they do exercises that are not appropriate during pregnancy.

Of course there are exercises to be avoided, but this should not prevent you from worrying about physical fitness while wearing a baby.

Below are some of the common misconceptions about physical activity during pregnancy and how to stay healthy and in shape during this important period of your life.


It should not be avoided exercises in which lying on the back is included

In the first trimester, intensive exercises and exercises should be avoided while lying on the back as there may be problems with blood flow and pressure.

It is dangerous to exercise if you have not practiced before in your life

If you have previously dealt with physical activity if your pregnancy goes smoothly, there is no danger of the exercise. However, there are no major risks and if you have not been too physically active before, of course, in line with your physical abilities and a doctor’s recommendation.

It is not dangerous to lift weights in pregnancy

In pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid as much as possible heavy weight lifting, or sports such as skiing, riding, slipping, but lifting light weights is not dangerous for the pregnant woman and for the baby. It all depends on the constitution and the possibilities of the body.

The pulse during exercise should not be higher than 140 beats per minute


Heart rate in pregnancy should range between 117 and 146 beats per minute. However, pregnancy is not the time when you need to set personal records when it comes to exercising.

Additional tips:

– Do not compare yourself with friends and do not rely on what others have to tell you.
– Do not follow blindly the rules that you read. Listen to your body.
– Do not take anything at your own risk and consult your doctor for any doubts.

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