Eat a watermelon, sit in the dark: How to cure a headache without pills?

You have a terrible headache and you feel the heart is beating in the veins of your forehead. You can barely open your eyes and pain just makes no sense. Although you can easily get rid of it with a few painkillers, there are several ways you can help yourself, but you do not know about it.

Before you turn to painkillers here are a few ways to reduce tension in the head:

1. Reduce the light

The brighter the room, the greater the tension of the headache is. Close the curtains, turn off all the lights, or put on a mask for sleeping on your eyes. Make everything just to block the light from reaching your eyes. The darker the room, the better you feel.

2. Try deep breathing exercises

There is a reason why meditation is so popular. Everything revolves around the deep breathing. Breathing increases blood circulation, and when circulation is increased then you feel calmer and your body gets the oxygen he needs.

3. Take a shower

Showering will not only make you feel wonderful, but also have curative effects. The moist heat from the steam warms your body and reduces tension in the muscles.

4. Put warm linings

Put warm linings on your neck, temples, or directly on your forehead. Everything connected with the hot works because it increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, enlarges the veins and reduces muscle tension.

5. Go to massage

Or just ask your partner to massage you. Massage improves circulation and reduces tension in muscles. It allows the muscles to receive more oxygen than usual.

6. The lavender oil really does wonders

You can smell it or put it directly on the place where you feel pain. Lavender regulates serotonin levels, reduces stress, and helps you sleep better.

7. Eat a watermelon

Often the cause of headache is dehydration, so you should eat foods that abound with fluids. Watermelon is 92% water, not just that, but it is also full of magnesium that will help the muscles relax.