Diet Soda, Aspartame Shown To Destroy Kidney Function And Now Associated With Cardiovascular Issues

Are you still thirsty? Or just addicted to this poisonous chemical? Well, here’s another reason that you should choose not to put this poison mixed drink down your esophagus.

According to a short article in Collective Advancement, researchers at the University of Iowa have actually been taking another look at aspartame, although we really do not know why they need anymore evidence of it’s toxicity. It was kept off the market until 1981, thanks to the customer advocate and attorney James Turner.

60,000 females took part in the research study and here’s exactly what they discovered:

” Females who took in 2 or more diet plan beverages a day are 30 percent most likely to experience a cardiovascular occasion, and 50 percent more likely to die from an associated illness.”

Of course the folks who produced this study have actually merely called for more research:

“‘ It’s too quickly to tell individuals to alter their behaviour based on this study; nevertheless, based upon these and other findings we have a responsibility to do more research study to see exactly what is going on and further specify the relationship, if one truly exists,’ states Dr. Ankur Vyas, because ‘This could have significant public health implications.'”.

Hmmm. The significant health ramification of these neurotoxins were explained over four years ago. Considering that it was ole Donald Rumsfeld who commandeered this toxin into the food supply, a quote from the liar himself might be proper.