For a carefree summer: How to avoid food poisoning?

Summer is a period when we need to pay special attention to how we store food and what we enter in the body.

Warm days bring potential health hazards, especially in terms of food poisoning, due to high temperatures and increased humidity that cause bacterial reproduction.

Follow these tips to avoid poisoning during the warmer months:

1. When traveling to a place, never drink water if you are not sure that it is good for drinking. Ask local residents about the quality and origin of tap water.

2. Do not drink drinks that have long been standing in a bottle or in a glass.

3. Be sure to wash your hands before each food preparation. Fruit and vegetables should be well washed, whether or not there is a decoction.

4. Divide the groceries in the fridge. Fresh meat and fish should be separated from fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

5. Maintain the correct temperature in the fridge. The optimum temperature for the refrigerator is 4 degrees and -18 degrees in the freezer.

6. When you are in an unknown place, beware of the restaurants you eat in. Avoid unverified restaurants, street food stores or places where you will notice poor hygienic conditions.

7. Avoid foods with a lot of sauces in it, as well as insufficiently thermally processed meat, fish or seafood.