7 myths related to hair that need to be wiped out of existence

There are three sides of each story – my, your, and the truth. In a time like today when we have information within reach with the push of a button, and there are plenty of them, we really do not know what to believe in more.

Hair is one of those topics that are a real painful point for women. The more you pay attention, the more terrible it is. You are never satisfied with it and you do not know what to do more, and the information of the type that should regularly be trimmed or that you shouldn’t dye it while you’re pregnant additionally make things worse.


In fact, what are the biggest 7 myths related to hair in which we still blindly believe?

It is best to dry the hair with a soft cloth

We get out of the bathroom and we immediately wet our hair in a huge cloth, and we even forget about it for about half an hour on the head. Or we rub the hair with the towel with all possible strength in order to dry it faster. Wrong. In this way we only damage the hair and irritate the scalp.

Instead, gently squeeze the cloth onto the hair, then comb your hair with a comb to drain the excess water.

It’s not safe to dye your hair while you are pregnant

Studies show that chemicals in durable and semi-durable hair dyes are not highly toxic, indicating that the herbs are safe for use during pregnancy. Minimal amounts of hair scrubs can be absorbed into the skin, and the same to reach the fetus is practically impossible.

If you are uncertain, still consult a doctor before dyeing your hair or select a non-invasive method where the color does not touch the scalp and the roots, such as the ombre.

Regular haircut makes your hair grow faster

This has almost no logic. What is in the lower part of the hair does not make any difference whether it will grow faster or slower. When the hair is dry, damaged, and the tips are cracked, it is actually “tearing” very easily. Which means the hair is constantly growing, but at the same time it is “tearing”, so you can not notice any difference in length.

If you cut the damaged parts you automatically get hair that is not so susceptible to cracking and damage, so the normal growth of it appears to be visible and noticeable.

Oily hair is shaped more easily

If you have very thick and voluminous or lush and curly hair, it’s true that it is better shaped after a day of washing. But if your hair is thin and lifeless, that one day do not do you any service, but on the contrary, styling will be a real nightmare.

Especially if you want a smooth and shiny hairdo, it’s best to start with freshly washed hair. Remember that with the right hair products you can always brought you hair to the level of greasy that is needed to shape, but when is really greasy the process can not take place in the opposite direction.

If you take out one white hair, two will come to the funeral

You must have heard this before. Do not knock out the white hairs because they are duplicated. However, the reproduction of white and gray fibers has nothing to do with their rooting.

It is simple, if the hair decided to whiten the only salvation is dyeing to cover the white hairs. Their scooping from the root can only damage the scalp and make the hair weaker and more fragile.

Natural air drying is healthier than drying with a hairdryer

Of course, you should not be “married” with a hair dryer and leave it to rest, especially during summer vacations, but sometimes you need your hair to be clean and dry in just 15 minutes, right?

Studies on this topic have however shown that drying with a hair dryer causes more damage visible on the outside of the hair, but the natural drying actually damages the inner fiber structure more.

For example, when your hair after swimming is wet and leave it to dry naturally in the sun actually inside the fiber “swells” and thus damage the hair more than the heat of the dryer, as incredible as it sounds.

The medicine? Dry the hair with the dryer at the lowest temperature, move the hair dryer quickly without directing it for a long time on a certain part of the hair, and of course, keep a distance of about 10 cm between it and the hair while drying it.

Forget the oils if you have oily hair

Unlike many products that we apply, they actually cling to the hair and mask the hair, making it look seemingly healthy, the oils have the ability to penetrate deep into the fiber, feed it from within and make the hair truly shiny and healthier.

Coconut oil, for example, is great for blanched and dyed hair, and acts against heat and harmful UV rays. If you are afraid that the oils will additionally dampen your hair, add about 20 drops of purely fine oil of choice (coconut, argan, castor) to your hair regenerator and feel the difference.