These 7 Mobile Apps Will Help You Find GMO and Additive-Free Foods!

One of the most efficient and simplest solutions to fight companies like Monsanto and to improve your diet and overall health is to avoid buying foods that contain GMO ingredients and chemical additives produced by companies who are not in favor of GMO banning and labeling.

However, even those who have labels sometimes use them to trick buyers and they add labels which claim that their products are completely natural and the list of ingredients is printed in tiny fonts.

In addition, the ownership of many companies in the food industry is unclear because it is not unusual for one food company to buy another which makes it difficult to find the original owner.

Organic brands have always been considered to be a good option, but it is good to mention that there are brands of this kind that belong to companies that support Monsanto’s anti-GMO labeling campaign. All these things make buying non-GMO products a little bit difficult.

In order to ease this task, we are presenting a list of applications that will certainly help you find truly healthy foods and stay away from foods that come with gluten, GMOs, chemical additives, artificial colors, sugars etc. They can also help you find the brands that are organic and identify the brands you need to avoid. Eating living organic foods is the best thing that you can do for your health.

1. Buycott

Buycott is an application that will help you to find brands that need people’s help to grow. The application will allow you to verify the ownership of whichever product you find on the Internet and also it will help you to find the parent company. Additionally, it will make available the contact information of these companies, so you will easily be able to get in touch with these companies and show your support or disagreement with them. You can find Buycott for free.

2. Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide

The fundamental idea that is behind this application is to let people to make sure what is in their food and also to help them to avoid GMO food. This application has an extremely long list of brands and products that were recognized as safe throughout their confirmation program. You can with no trouble browse through different products by only using product types, brand names or even keywords. The application is also able to located supporting retailers in the place where you live. You can find Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide completely free.

3. ipiit, The Food Ambassador

This application created by ipiit gives us instructions that will lead us throughout the current food products offer. This application is able to provide us with useful information for any kind of food product and we can with no difficulty find food products that are based on the preferences and interests that we have. The Food Ambassador has the database that has more than 300.000 food products and the list is constantly updating. You only need to create an account and enter information about your preferences and preferred products. This application is also completely free.

4. Fruit Checker

Check the codes on fruit and vegetables to make sure you are getting what you pay for. Fruit Checker uses PLU codes to tell you if the item is organic, conventionally grown, exactly what variety it is, and even – sometimes – where it was grown, and if it is genetically modified. The Fruit Checker costs $0.99.

5. Fruit Checker

Sometimes fruit and vegetables aren’t labelled properly, and it can be difficult to decipher whether they are organic or not. This is frustrating for those who take eating a GMO-free diet seriously. The Fruit Checker app offers a solution. A way of reading labels to confirm whether fruit and vegetables are guaranteed organic, ethically grown, or genetically modified. This app will even tell you where the product was grown, to help you eat locally sourced, GMO-free fruit and veg that will contribute to a healthy, organic lifestyle.

6. NxtNutrio

NxtNutrio is designed to help us to find all the artificial sweeteners, additives, chemicals, preservatives and flavor boosters like MSG, autolyzed yeast etc. That are covered or by most brand products. Additionally it also gives information about every one of these ingredients, so we are able to discover more about their harmful effects our health. You can purchase NxtNutrio for only $2.99.

7. Food Additives 2

Food Additives 2 comes with a powerful search engine and lets users easily and fast access detailed information about more than 450 food additives. The app doesn’t require internet connection. People suffering from food allergies or those following some special diet will find this application especially useful. Food Additives 2 costs $3.99.