10 secrets that the cosmetics industry does not want you to know

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look perfect regardless of age?

We are all a bit jealous, but it is not because they are born so.

Apart from them, the celebrities have an army of professionals who care about their appearance always to be impeccable.

In any case, some basic rules of care are simple and accessible to everyone, but you did not know them, because for the cosmetics industry it’s best to buy all the products as often as possible.

Remember these things:


Do not underestimate the power of the sunscreen

You can not have beautiful and healthy skin if you do not use a regular sunscreen. A professional beautician who has worked for a Madonna says that nothing else will help you if you avoid this rule.

According to another doctor, during the day you need to put a sunscreen with a factor of 30 several times.

Do not dried your skin if you have inflammation

Most anti-acne creams contain ingredients that dry the skin and even exacerbate the inflammation of the face. Alcohol works the same way, and it will not help you either.

Focus on natural masks and skin cleansing with lactic acid or clay masks.

Do not forget your neck

The neck is part of a woman’s body that can detect age immediately, so it’s important to take care of it too. The skin here is thinner and requires as much care as the one on the face.

Rub the skin with ice cubes

Dermatologists advise you to rub your face with ice cube for a few seconds so you do not have a pale skin color. This simple trick stimulates the circulation and your skin starts to shine.

Store the beauty products properly

Do not store beauty products in the bathroom because there is hot and humid and it can cause them to spoil faster. You can even keep your face masks and other accessories that you don’t use in the refrigerator.

Everything you touch shall be clean

You should never touch your face with dirty hands. Change the cushions on the pillows once a week if you have dry skin or once on every 3 days if you have very oily skin. Clean the phone screen from time to time, because you constantly touch your face with it.

Do not use peeling and face sponges if you are prone to acne

Never use harsh care products (peeling, brushes, sponges) if you have acne – it will cause more inflammation.

Facial massage helps against dark circles under the eyes

Apply face massage from time to time if you often get dark circles under your eyes, or if you want to prevent their occurrence. Massages stimulate lymph flow, skin softens, and pillows underneath the eyes disappear.

Take care of your hands

Hands require care just as much as the face and neck, because even there the skin is thin and problematic. Regularly wet the skin with creams for your hands, even with anti-aging creams. And of course, do not forget the sun cream.

Clean the skin thoroughly

You do not even have to think to lie in the evening with makeup on your face. If you do this, you will close the pores and cause inflammation. Although it is very simple and we all know this, many do not practice it.