Six foods that food expert would never eat!

Lawyer and expert in food Bill Marler, who more than 20 years works exclusively on lawsuits for food poisoning and during his career has earned 600 million dollars in impairment for various chains of restaurants, reveals which groceries we should not eat in no matter what.

Marler said that due to global warming, raw shellfish poisoning has significantly grown in recent years. He explains that the sea is warmer and therefore more germs end up in the meat from the shells, and after that – in their consumers.


Another commodity that Marler would not consume are previously washed and prepared fruits and vegetables in supermarkets. “Convenience is beautiful, but the more people process the food, the greater the chances are it is contaminated. It’s not worth the risk you get, “he says.

What Bill also avoids is a medium cooked meat. He says the meat should be baked at a temperature of 160 degrees Celsius in order to kill all bacteria that can cause E. coli or salmonella.


While acknowledging that the risk of poisoning with raw eggs today is much lower compared to previous years, Marler says they are not yet safe for consumption.

While the trend of healthy eating requires you to eat or drink unpasteurized milk and juices, there arises the risk that they may contain viruses and bacteria, and parasites.

“Pasteurization certainly is not dangerous, while raw drinks may be, because skipping this security step increases the risk of infection by bacteria, viruses or parasites,” he said.