A secret ingredient that will help you weaken!

Weight loss is not easy, but according to new research at the annual meeting of The Obesity Society, proteins can help you, especially if you are consuming them for breakfast.


In favor of the research, the scientists of a group of 35 women, aged 18 to 55, served them three different breakfasts. While one consisted only of one glass of water, the other two contained about 300 calories and equal amounts of fat and fiber. They differed in the content of proteins. One contained 3 grams, and the other contained between 30 and 39 grams.

The result: People who had high-protein breakfast, felt less hunger were a full for a longer period of time and had have less desire to eat during the day. Also, they had 175 calories less than the others for lunch.

Why does your stomach want to start the day with protein? It has been established that the body needs more time to digest this ingredient, otherwise known for burning calories and building muscle. All this means that the protein will leave your body considerably later than, for example, muffins. In addition, proteins stimulate the secretion of the hormone that stimulates the feeling of satiety!

In another study, participants who consumed 30 per cent of their daily calorie intake through protein reduced the total intake of calories at a daily level by almost 450, resulting in a loss of about 11 pounds in 12 weeks.