Psychologists have discovered a simple way to be happier: Have you heard of the formula 5-3-1?

Although many are “chasing”, happiness is constantly slipping away. Psychologist Shilag Mirgein of the University of Wisconsin says she knows how to “grab” her.

All that is needed to be happier is to apply the magic formula 5-3-1, says Mirgeen. In the following, read about what’s going on.


5 minutes for meditation

What is most important is daily taking a 5 minute meditation. And before you think that it will take years for you to learn how to meditate, know that it’s pretty simple – just focus on breathing. When you notice that your thoughts have been decided, return to breathing, and with practice you will come to a full 5 minutes that will help your brain to recover and the body to cope with stress. One who practices 20 minutes of meditation daily will feel the benefits one month after, because more gray matter is created in the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain that is in charge of attention, managing emotions and decision-making, says Mirgein.

3 positive things

For this exercise it takes a bit more time. What you need to do is focus on three positive things that happened to you during the day. Already after one week of practicing this method people were two percent happier, after a month 5 percent, and after half a year they were 9 percent happier, says Mirgein who emphasizes that we must train the brain to focus more on positive things than on negative, which comes more naturally.

1 good deed

Make a good work, because when we do something good, we feel happier. And not only that, but then we are more sympathetic to people, which has a further positive impact on our lives.