What the healthiest people in the world eat for breakfast?

People who strive for weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight have a diet that is based on a limited amount of groceries.

This diet is difficult to maintain, so eventually the lost weight comes back, but on the other hand, people who maintain their weight without disclaimers of special foods are an inexhaustible source of information for experts.


VTI Technical Research Centre from Finland studied the food habits of 147 healthy people with optimal body weight over a period of four months. Researchers from the team led by Dr Anne Lee Vuorinen found that healthy people for breakfast usually consume three kinds of groceries.

Fruit is the most popular choice at 51 percent, the second are dairy products with 41 percent, while the consumption of cereals and muesli with milk are an option for 33 percent of individuals.

Although bread and pastry products are considered unnecessary source of calories, even 32 percent of respondents start their day with this type of food.

The most interesting of all is that only 26 percent of respondents admitted that during the breakfast they consumed coffee as well, while the rest of them (74 percent) go to work or started with their duties without caffeine help.

“Instead of restrictions in diet and avoiding your favorite foods, overweight or obesity can be prevented if you learn to listen to the needs of your body, and the advantage is the quality, not quantity meals,” said Ann Lee on the survey results.