Five myths about diet in which we should not believe

Cardiologist Dr. Allen Ruzic on his way to the weakening crashed five major myths about nutrition in which we still believe.

Exploring different literature, and testing these things to himself, he discovered that many of us have the wrong opinion about some widespread rules about healthy eating.

In addition, look at the five biggest myths in which you have to stop believing, especially if you want to lose weight:

Breakfast should not be skipped

Breakfast is the most important meal, which is the most needed for children and youth, as well as diabetics and others with special food interests. But those who have excess body weight, with good health and decreased appetite in the morning, should not be forced to eat breakfast. All that is enough is a piece of fruit or a glass of juice pressed to satisfy the morning intake.

“The most important principle for people who are trying to weaken is to eat at that part of the day when they feel hunger. Of course, it should be at least 2 hours before sleep, “said Dr. Ruzic.

Potatoes and pasta fatten

The potato is a low calorie commodity (68 kcal / 100 g.) and is an excellent ingredient in the daily meals. What fattens are the fried potatoes who have a high calorific value, which reaches up to 900 calories per 100 grams.

Pasta, meanwhile, have 350 calories before cooking or about 175 calories in 100 grams after cooking. This means that if the noodles are prepared without fat and a large amount of vegetables or non-fat tomato sauce, can be a great lunch with which you can easily lose weight.

Olive oil is great for weight loss

“Olive oil is a great commodity, but like other fat contains a lot of calories. The minimum daily amount of fat is 10 grams (2 tablespoons) containing 90 calories. Anyone who wants to lose excess weight should stick to this rule, “said the cardiologist.

Cheese is healthy commodity

Cheeses are high-fat products whose impact on health depends on the raw material from which are made (type and origin of the milk, the method of breeding cattle etc.) and from the technology. Cheeses should be maximally reduced in the process of weight loss and in the dietary should be treated as a substitute for fat. In some days, instead of the two mentioned tablespoons of olive oil, these calories can be used for approximately the same amount of cheese.

You should drink more water

“No drink, and that includes the water should not be consumed with meals,” said Dr. Ruzic. Namely, when we eat and drink water, unwittingly we accelerate the food intake, and it is proven that people who eat quickly have an extremely higher propensity to obesity.