China has put into operation the largest floating plantation solar energy: produce enough electricity to supply multimillion city

Most populous country is also the biggest polluter on the planet, but she turns toward protecting the environment.

In China was put into operation the largest floating plantation that draws solar power, and then processed into electricity, reports New York Times. The plantation consists of 160 thousand solar panels and is located on the lake where there was irrigation of abandoned mines in Anhui Province, the eastern part of the state.

The plantation can produce enough electricity to fully equip it with the nearby town of Huainan which has approximately two million inhabitants.

The Chinese government plans to open a dozen such plantations that could produce an equal amount of electricity as a nuclear reactor. China is the most populous country on earth, but also the largest polluter. In recent years has being seriously working to reduce environmental pollution and the development of clean, renewable energy.

China is the biggest polluter of the world

Although she is fully turned toward clean energy and environmental protection, China is still the largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world, which contributes to global warming.

In January last year, the Chinese government canceled the project to build hundreds of coal thermal power plants, proving that it is aware that its people suffer from high concentrations of smog in the air and has long-term plans to reduce general pollution of the planet.

Similar, but smaller floating plantations exist in Great Britain, Israel, the US and Japan. China wants to position itself in the global market as a technological innovator and a leader in the fight against global warming, whose role until now had the US, but the situation changed after Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of America from Paris climate agreement. China is a logical successor as the unofficial leader of this project.