Apricots protect the health – here’s how

If you want to preserve the health of your heart – consume apricots.

If you are not a fan of fresh apricots, consume dried apricots. Dried apricots are rich in calcium carbonate, which is great for people who suffer from arrhythmias. Apart from magnesium, apricots are abundant with phosphorus, which improves brain function, and the combination of these two minerals has a beneficial effect on the normalization of blood pressure.


Apricots encourage the body’s defense force to fight infection, they strengthen teeth and bones, and if they consume it before a meal, they help digest food.

Apricot juice helps people suffering from gastric acid and bloating, and also helps against fever, skin diseases such as eczema, etc.

Apricot is a nutritious fruit that abounds in fiber, and it is low calorie. It contains vitamins A, B2, B3, and C, as well as useful natural sugars, calcium and iron. Because of the large amounts of vitamin A, apricots are also considered the best natural ally for eye conservation.

Ice tea with apricots

Drain 500 milliliters of apricot juice, pour it in an ice making bowl and freeze it. When ice cubes are ready for use, finely chop five to seven apricots, add them to a glass and pour them in hot Indian tea.

You can add fresh pieces of lemon. This refreshing drink is great for the warm summer days.