Vital and youthful in the eighth decade: Verified tips on how to “cheat” the time

She is an American designer. But except for her art solutions, she is known by the fact that she is 71 years and no one can believe it. This is her advice on how to be youthful and vital.

Youthful look and enviable figure has launched Norma Kamal among the stars. She has pointed out in the media many times that she has never undergone plastic surgery, but she takes care for her beauty naturally.

From her photographs you can see that everything she does has a great effect because she looks at least two decades younger.


For the portal “Today” she recounted in detail how to cultivate and what she does to look like this.

Brush your hair only with a wooden brush

Only use brushes with wooden tines that stimulate points for relaxation of the skull, promote blood flow and make hair more beautiful.

Wash your face with green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants from which the skin has many benefits, regardless of whether you drink it or wash with it.

To reduce fine lines around the eyes, soak a cloth in small chilled green tea, drain and place it on the face for several minutes.


Massage your ears

Regular massage of the ears will help in relaxation of all the organs that will positively affect your appearance.

Cut the sugar

Avoid processed foods. Great quantities of imported sugar negatively affects the beauty and physical health.

Drink water with room temperature

Cold water can “block” you, while lukewarm water is just not pleasant. The ideal water temperature is the room temperature because it is compatible with the temperature of your body.

Do not cover the deficiencies

Covering up the deficiencies will not make you happier. Confidence comes when you learn to love your flaws. Also, accept your natural beauty. Use makeup as rarely as you can.