Tea mixtures to treat white or vaginal discharge

As already described in the article for white or vaginal discharge, this problem is very common among women so they beside consulting a gynecologist and take the necessary therapy, often seek for natural supplements that will help them quickly to get rid of this condition. So today we continue with the presentation of natural recipes to treat white or vaginal secretions …

Tea mixture 1

Take three tablespoons of dry walnut leaf, ivy and nettle and two tablespoons of chamomile and yarrow. Stir all the ingredients and put them to boil in a liter of water. The tea you get with boiling of these ingredients consume it twice a day in small cups, and you can even make washing.


Tea mixture 2

Take one tablespoon of dried chamomile, lemon balm and place in 250 ml boiling water. The tea from this mix sweetened it with honey and drink two to three cups a day.

Tea mixture 3

Take one tablespoon of dried nettle and yarrow and place in 250 ml. boiling water. The tea should be drunk three times a day for several months in a row.