Sunflower or olive oil? On what oil to fry?

Neither oil is not healthy if is overheat and smoked. In this case, even oil from grape seed, which has the highest point of the overheating, releases toxins and free radicals, which lead to chronic diseases and premature aging of the organism, said Svetlana Pejić Gerić, a general practitioner with extensive experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics.


If we eat fried food four times a week, the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease increases by 68%!

Frying is, as we know, the unhealthiest way of preparing food. But if it is fried in a well-selected oil at low temperatures, it may be less harmful.

Sunflower oil: Great for salads, bad for cooking

In our country the most used is the refined sunflower oil, which is obtained by the hydrogenation process. This process creates trans fats, which are bad for health, so refined oil is not good for frying, even when is unprocessed.

– On the other hand, cold-pressed sunflower oil is very healthy. It has a lot of vitamin E and Omega 6 fatty acids, but even this oil is not suitable for frying. Namely, as the fatty acids are unsaturated, they are more easily oxidized, thus defeating all the nutritional properties. Cold-pressed sunflower oil is ideal for preparing dressings for salads – says our interlocutor.

Boiling point of sunflower oil is 150 ° C.

Seed of oil grapeseed: ideal for frying

As well as any other oils obtained from seeds, oil of grape seed is rich in the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, oleic acid and vitamin E. The cold-pressed, as a dressing for salads or boiled vegetables helps reducing the level of bad blood cholesterol (LDL ) and triglycerides. Moreover, affects the raising of good cholesterol (HDL).

– Because of the high concentration of vitamin E and of oleic acid, this oil is resistant to high temperatures and is suitable for frying – explains al Pejić Gerić.

The temperature at which loses its positive properties is 216 ° C.

Oil breaks down after three weeks

In order to preserve its nutritional properties, oil should be kept in the dark, in glass bottles and make sure put it away from heat sources while cooking. Although the balloons are cheaper packaging, it is better to buy oil in the bottle because, once opened, should be consumed in a period of two-three weeks.

Olive oil: it is the healthy cold and fried

We think that olive oil is not good for frying, which is completely wrong. Olive oil is comprised of oleic acid and vitamin E, which makes it resistant to high temperature and an excellent choice for frying. Its melting overheating is 180 ° C.

Foods hardly absorb it, so that there is no change of taste.

Another misconception is that for frying, refined olive oil is better than cold-pressed. Refined oil is a mixture of oil and the name itself and the price, tell us that this is not a high-quality oil.