For those of you who are naturally prone to addiction, you may want to take a minute to read this article…

While some addictions, like eating chocolate, are not very harmful, others – such as smoking actually have serious consequences.

When and if you finally decide that you want to quit and to stop smoking, your body will undergo some changes. Here are the things that happen in your body after you stop smoking.


1. Blood pressure: Only 20 minutes after you put out your last cigarette, blood pressure and pulse will already begin to normalize.

2. Oxygen: After you spend eight hours without a cigarette, the level of carbon monoxide and oxygen levels in your body will begin to neutralize.

3. Heart attack: Just one day without smoking reduces the risk of heart attack. Although you will feel irritating, actually it’s a sign that your body is trying to be cleaned of the nicotine.

4. Senses: Smoking has the ability to reduce your sense of perception. After about 48 hours without a cigarette you already help your nerve endings to heal and improve your senses of taste and smell.

5. Circulation: From two weeks to three months after you stop smoking, the functionality of your lungs will increase by 30%. As the blood circulation increases, you will notice that you can go longer distances without losing your breath.

6. Lungs: When you go from one to nine months, problems such as coughing, wheezing and sinus problems will decrease and eventually stop completely, and energy will increase. Cilia in the lungs will regenerate cleaning your lungs and reducing the risk of infections.

7. Overall Health: A year after you quit smoking your chances of heart disease are two times smaller than the smokers.

8. Reduce risks: Five years without tobacco and cigarettes and the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat and esophagus is reduced by half. Moreover, the rate to develop lung cancer will drop twice than in a daily smoker.

9. Lung cancer: After ten years without smoking, your risk of lung cancer will be almost the same as that of a nonsmoker.

10. Back to normal: 15 years later, the risk of heart disease will actually go back to the same level as someone who never smoked.

11. Long-term: Long-term goal is worth health, but it’s not easy to stick to it.

12. Withdrawal: The withdrawal of nicotine from your body is very real and will start to feel only two hours after the last cigarette.

13. Need for a cigarette: Anxiety, tension or frustration – all these are connected with an attempt to resist the need for a cigarette.

14. Symptoms: After three days, when nicotine completely leave your body, you will experience nausea, cramps, sweating and headaches. But try to keep your goal in mind and stay motivated.

15. Just remember that the quitting will definitely pay off, and your body will thank you for the smart choice. Time for a change … accept it and … Good luck!