Make yourself syrup of pine needles for strong immunity and healthy lungs

The syrup of pine needles is great for lungs, problems in the respiratory system, pneumonia or bronchitis. Improves immunity and protects against colds and flu. How to prepare? Read the text that follows …

What do we need?

To prepare the syrup is necessary to take a fresh light green pine needles. Determine the amount by yourself depending on how big you want the jar to be. Apart from pins it is required a jar of fresh homemade honey as well.


How to prepare

First wash well the pins, then place them on a clean towel to dry. It is best to let them soak for about 24 hours and then start preparing. Take a glass jar and start to stack one row of pins and a thin layer of honey on top, then again a row of pins and honey on top and so repeating until you reach 3-4 cm near the top of the jar. Let the last row with a thin layer of copper. Now close the jar well and leave it in a warm place. The mixture is required to stay 40 days in the jar, while it is good to be shaken everyday. After the 40th day, open the jar and strain the mixture. We got a healthy pine needles syrup which is required to be kept in the refrigerator because it can’t last long. You can use the syrup so that you take a few teaspoons a day at a certain distance.