Healthy Weight-Loss vs. Unhealthy Weight-Loss

Healthy weight loss is the result of eating foods that promote health, as part of a whole lifestyle that supports living at or near your ideal weight all the time.

The reason so many people have been drawn to low-carbohydrate, high “animal” protein diets, from Atkins and Paleo to Nourishing Traditions and the Weston Price Foundation, to the typical fitness or bodybuilder diets despite how incredibly unhealthy they have proven to be, is because they deliver dramatic unhealthy weight loss results and rapid muscular growth when combined with intense physical training.

This is not healthy weight loss, but rather, macronutrient manipulation (i.e. eating no to low carbohydrates, which cannot be sustained for long, without an iron-will or negative weight and health consequences). Increased insulin-like growth hormone, IGF-1, which rises in the body when consuming significant amounts of the high biologically available protein, in animal products, not only increases growth rates, but also speeds up the aging process.

Even if you combine green vegetables to make up for a diet based largely on micronutrient poor animal foods, these nutrient-poor foods still contain substances that your body does not need from food; therefore your diet is still disease-promoting.

Eating “healthier,” on the other hand, a popular mantra, does not deliver quick results like low-carb, high-animal protein diets do— and this is why so many people shy away from eating healthier as a solution to their weight problem, and gravitate towards unhealthy weight loss practices.

Healthy Weight-Loss

In order for someone to get the best ways to lose unhealthy fat, it requires an understanding of how fat works, first. You see, each small fat cell in your body is a powerfully sophisticated sponge that builds up anything and everything you have ever eaten, drank, swallowed or injected throughout your entire life that was ever processed, refined or cooked in anyway, especially any flour items, cooked dairy, pesticide vegetables and fruits, tablets or anything else unhealthy. You see, this stuff you consume daily does not simply all leave your body after you go to the bathroom, much of it remains inside you. So, where does all this toxic build-up store? You thought it … your cells! And your fat cells are definitely no various. The only method to lose just unhealthy fat and for that reason reduce weight healthfully, is you need to clean up out every fat cell in your body, which isn’t really difficult to do when you know exactly what to consume every day that will particularly clear out every fat cell in your body. Sure, you don’t slim down as fast as you would starving your muscles and healthy fat or surgery, but at least the weight you lose will just be unhealthy fat, which indicates every pound you lose is irreversible weight-loss, because it’s healthy weight-loss. Many people lose 10 pounds, 25 pounds, 50 pounds, even 100 pounds or more of only unhealthy fat and other hazardous waste that has collected throughout their body. Basically what’s occurring to your body as you finally begin cleaning out your fat cells is your swollen fat cells start to shrink, so you might stand on the scale and see you lost just 15 pounds but your waist looks 4 inches smaller.

Rest guaranteed, when you lose weight the healthy way, you never have to fret about rebound, loose skin and particularly you do not need to worry about starving your muscles and healthy fat. You can securely and consistently lose unhealthy weight every day for as long as you want. If everyone here reduced weight the healthy method, then and only then will we lastly beat obesity!