Gordon Ramsay discovered where he would never eat: “No way, I know where it was previously this food”

The most popular television chef Gordon Ramsay has high standards, and no one is pleased when he find himself as a target of his criticism.

About how a fastidious about what he eats in his private life is the fact that would rather settle for a simple meal, than to agree to eat bad food.


The famous chef Refinery29 discovered that there is one place where he definitely would never agree to eat.

“More than ten years I worked for airlines and I know where the food was and how long stood before they serve it. No chance ever to eat on an airplane, “with certainty concluded Ramsay.

If is hungry before the flight, celebrity chef will ask for a pleasant Italian restaurant where he’ll order a little cold meat and cheese and a few slices of apples and pears, all will cover it with a glass of red wine.


Gordon Ramsay himself decided to take care of hungry travelers, so on London’s Heathrow Airport opened its own restaurant which he named “Gordon Ramsay Plane Food”.

There are simple meals as healthy salads, burgers and roasts, on the menu and guests can treat themselves with cakes and pastries.