The Fruit That Treat Cancer – Still Hidden by The Big Pharma

This fruit is believed to be one of the most effective natural cancer cures. Also, it has been proven that it is 10,000 times superior than the conventional chemotherapy.

But, the pharmaceutical industry has keep this fruit away from public since it cannot many any profit.

In this article, we are going to discuss the health-promoting properties of this incredible fruit. It is known as soursop tree in England and Brazil and Guanabana in Latin America. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not familiar with the powerful cancer-fighting properties of this fruit since some organizations create huge profits by producing synthetic varieties.


Besides its pleasant taste, the fruit has numerous health benefits, and is now propagated as one of the best natural remedies against the deadly disease.

Besides the anti-cancer properties, soursop possesses antibacterial and antibiotic properties as well. It can regulate your blood pressure, relieve stress and has even been used as a remedy against depression.

Since the 70s, there have been over 20 studies which focused on the anti-cancer effects of the fruit. The results showed that soursop can destroy the cancer cells of 12 different types of cancer including prostate, breast, colon, lung and pancreatic cancer. However, the truth was kept hidden by the public and new research won’t come by. Big Pharma is trying everything it can to keep everything under sheets in order to make profit off their drugs.