Cure for hemorrhoids is cleverly hidden in nature

Hemorrhoids represent one of the most common diseases in humans. It is often followed by a relapse. Hemorrhoids are enlarged and inflamed vessels in and around the anus and lower part of rectum. It is manifested in male and females equally. The occurrence is more frequent over 50 years of age because connective tissue of blood vessels and rectum with age gets older and loses its elasticity. Also, hemorrhoids are a common occurrence during pregnancy but it is not is associated with loss of elasticity of blood vessels.


Discomfort in the anal area that includes pain, severe tingling, itching and bleeding signal the presence of hemorrhoids, which should never be ignored. But let us not forget the best friend of hemorrhoids, the constipation (irregular and difficult bowel movements, followed by hard and scarce stool and a sense of insufficient bowel movements). During constipation occurs increased pressure in the lower rectum, which can lead to swelling or swollen blood vessels around the anus. What is the result? The result is known: the above mentioned clinical symptoms typical for hemorrhoids.

Fortunately, there is a natural product that can alleviate the symptoms or completely cure hemorrhoids. Its Latin name is Prunus domestica, and popularly known as plum. Dark blue plum is rarely mentioned as a healthy and healing fruit. But it contains very few calories (about 40 grams of calories in 100 grams of fruit) and contains many useful substances: beta-carotene, fiber, oils, B vitamins, vitamin E, C, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium … In the alternative medicine used against: atherosclerosis, heart disease and blood vessels, bronchitis, obesity, memory loss, depression, eczema, coughing, nausea and vomiting, elevated cholesterol, liver problems etc..


Prunes is the oldest folk remedy for constipation and hemorrhoids: partially cleans the intestines and creates a habit (which is often the case with medications). This power is due to the pectin, fiber which swells up, is pressing the edges of the intestine, thereby encourages their work. The most important thing is to hit the dose of prunes. Too much will cause overreaction of cramps and diarrhea, and too little will not do anything. Usually it is recommended to consume 5 to 8 prunes a day to normalize the stool and to say goodbye to those pesky hemorrhoids.