Alzheimer’s patient reverses symptoms by consuming coconut oil every day!

Carolyn, the dedicated daughter of an 88-year-old women who has Alzheimer’s just recently decided to take some actions for her mom’s care. The nearly immediate outcomes she saw were extreme and motivating.

In addition, the simple change she implemented in her mom’s life is available for any family struggling and struggling with Alzheimer’s to try for themselves.

Her mom spent the last 7 years in an assisted living home. As the years wore on and her mom’s condition weakened, Carolyn began to stress that her mom was being overlooked and potentially abused.

Carolyn chose it was time to make a modification and take matters into her own hands. She removed her ailing mom and dedicated herself to being her mother’s full-time main caretaker. On February 14, 2016, Carolyn made the hardest and most likely the most crucial decision for her mom and eliminated her from the poisonous retirement home environment and took her home to care for her.

While in the care of the assisted living home, Carolyn’s mom was detected with stage 6 Alzheimer’s. Stage 6 is also called the “serious decline” stage. In phase 6 most patients need assist with daily life activities and near consistent guidance. For the last 2 years, Carolyn’s mother had a hard time to speak and did not remember individuals, names, faces, and words. Reading had become practically impossible for her mom due to her memory issues. Interaction was becoming a real struggle for Carolyn’s mother.

Coconut oil, the amazing drug

Carolyn had actually checked out and was familiar with the benefits of coconut oil. Immediately after her mother’s liberation from the retirement home, Carolyn started freely using coconut oil. She would do this two times a day, after bathing in the morning and once again at night prior to bedtime.

Within 5 days she began observing an immediate and extreme enhancement in her mom’s condition. Her mother began keeping in mind people and names she hadn’t in years. She was able to communicate once again. Carolyn was surprised when her mother had the ability to read, out loud, a Bible storybook and just had problem with a number of words.

Alzheimers and coconut oil, science backs it up

These results might have been shocking, but they are no surprise provided the results of a recent Spanish medical trial. In December 2015, a clinical trial was released on the results of coconut oil being used to treat clients who have Alzheimer’s.

The research study included providing 40 ml, around 2.7 tablespoons, of coconut oil a day to one of 2 control groups. Both control groups were comprised of individuals of differing ages and genders in various phases of Alzheimer’s. One control group got the coconut oil and the other did not.

The study concluded that there was a statistically significant boost in test scores showing improved cognitive status in the control group that got the coconut oil. The research study clearly showed the possibly powerful favorable results of coconut oil on patients having a hard time with Alzheimer’s.

In addition, an US study presently being carried out in Florida is scheduled for publication in late 2016. The health, wellness, and Alzheimer’s neighborhoods are eagerly awaiting those results.

Big Pharma does not welcome the idea

The pharmaceutical industry is the one industry that stands to lose the most if the new research studies work together Spanish study findings. Alzheimer’s illness impacts countless senior citizens and is a rapidly increasing disease. Pharmaceutical business have actually been working for years to establish a vaccine but to this day have shown up empty handed. Pharmaceutical business may be overlooked in the cold if the connection in between coconut oil and cognitive ability increase in Alzheimer patients is shown.

For Carolyn and her mom there is no doubt that coconut oil has actually made a huge effect in their every day lives. Carolyn and her mom are enjoying this extra time together, their newly found flexibility, and their capability to interact with one another.