Any Woman Over 40 Should Be Using This Essential Oil Every day!

Your forties can be some of the most important years for your health, particularly if you are a woman. Your body begins to change; you experience hot flashes, reduced memory, increased stress, and possibly a mid-life crisis somewhere along the way.

Clary sage oil (Salvia sclarea) has been used since the 4th century BCE for its many health properties that alleviate the many unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Whether you’re concerned about your stress, mood, digestion, skin or your menstrual discomfort, take a look at 8 remarkable benefits of clary sage for women over 40, and how you can use the essential oil for yourself.


1. Balances Hormones

Clary sage contains dietary estrogens, known as natural phytoestrogens, which are obtained from plants. They are in charge of regulating estrogen levels and promoting health of the uterus. The cancer risk increases with age, so keeping the uterus healthy helps lower the risk of uterine and ovarian cancer.

High estrogen levels in the body may cause different health issues, including polycystic ovaries, estrogen-based cancers, and infertility. High-estrogen diet is the major contributor to a lot of this, and this essential oil can help you keep your estrogen levels at optimal level.

According to a 2004 study done on post-menopausal, this oil works as natural remedy for depression, lowering cortisol levels by up to 36%.

To balance your hormones and your mood, open the bottle and inhale the clary sage. Simple as that!

2. Alleviates Menstrual Pain

When your hormone levels are in balance, Clary sage helps alleviate symptoms of PMS, reduce food cravings, bloating, mood swings, and cramps. Being an antispasmodic, it effectively reduces the frequency of spasms and contractions which occur in the uterus. It also relieves stomach pain and headache, due to its ability to relax nerve impulses.

According to a 8-year study by Oxford Brooks University, clary sage oil in aromatherapy reduced physical pain, fear, and anxiety in women during childbirth. When combined with chamomile oil, it effectively reduces discomfort.

To alleviate menstrual pain, dilute five drops of clary sage in coconut or jojoba oil and apply the mixture onto the affected area.

3. Prevents Infection

A 2015 study showed that this essential oil can effectively treat wounds and skin infections when applied topically. It possesses potent antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and can fight bacterial strains. However, you should not apply too much of it on an open wound. We recommend you to use only 5 drops.

4. Relieves Stress

If you’re in your forties, you likely consider yourself somewhat of a workaholic. Whether you have kids or work a demanding job, the stress of your forties can have very damaging effects on your long-term health.

Clary sage oil boosts confidence and mental fortitude while reducing fear and anxiety. It is also known to have euphoric properties. A 2010 study on rats revealed that clary sage oil could be used as a therapeutic agent for depression.

5. Improves skin

Clary sage contains a potent ester called linalyl acetate, a natural phytochemical which reduces rashes, lowers inflammation, regulates the production of oil, and prevents acne and dry skin. To reduce wrinkles and keep your skin properly hydrated, use this oil as a skin moisturizer.

When using it as skin moisturizer, mix equal amounts of clary sage oil with coconut or jojoba oil.

6. Aids Digestion & Cholesterol Levels

Given that it increase the secretion of bile and gastric juice, clary sage accelerates the metabolism and helps relieve cramps, bloating, indigestion, and abdominal discomfort.

It also promotes easier absorption of vitamin and minerals, which in turn promotes healthy bowel movements, relieves constipation, and treats ulcers.

Due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, clary sage oil protects the cardiovascular system and lowers cholesterol. This is very important given that high cholesterol restricts the blood flow to vital organs, thus raising the risk of stroke or heart attack.

It is recommended to use a hot compress with five drops of clary sage oil soaked into it or simply massage the oil onto the abdomen.

7. Improves circulation

It is no doubt that this oil has a lot of benefits and is considered as a gift from the nature.

Here is one more benefit of its use. It cleans the blood vessels and reduces the blood pressure, so it is good for the brain activity and health. It helps brain to receive clean blood and oxygen. It reduces the muscle and tissues tension and improves the transport of oxygen and circulation process.

Make your own mist of this oil by mixing 6 drops of it together with 6 drops of rose geranium, 3 drops of cinnamon and around 10 drops of mandarin oil. Pour them into spray bottle, shake the bottle and spray the mixture over your body.

8. Aids sleep

It can be used as a natural sedative that promotes better sleep. Improved sleep is important factor for quality life and hormone regulation. Improved sleep and regular hours for sleeping during the day will help you in your stress battle.

If you suffer insomnia, use this oil to give to yourself normal and deep sleep overnight.

Tip: Blend 10 drops of clary sage oil and 10 drops of lavender oil. Put inside them ½ coconut oil and ½ of olive oil. Stir all together and let the mixture to coll.

When cool, apply it on the infected area.