Do you properly store food in the refrigerator?

Keeping food in the fridge is important to preserve the nutrients of the food, whether it is about fresh groceries or already frozen food.

Foods are generally kept at a low temperature. Therefore, the door of the freezer should not be long kept open because in this way the freezer is heated without the need.


When buying frozen products, take them at the end of shopping, or just before setting off to the checkout. Avoid packages that are covered with tiny ice because there is a possibility to be thawed off. The optimal time of shopping to placing the frozen product in your refrigerator should be a maximum of one hour.

Raw meat in the fridge can remain fresh from two to five days, and cooked one, two to six days. Fresh minced meat can withstand 6 to 8 hours, and prepared – from 2 to 4 days. Cheese is stored within 10 days, the eggs stay fresh up to 4 weeks.

Salad and other “sensitive” vegetables can retain freshness for up to three days if kept in the refrigerator. Vegetables such as lettuce and parsley can stay fresh up to a week if previously wrapped in a moist paper and put it in the refrigerator. Generally, this way of keeping each vegetable proved excellent.

Meat, meat products, milk, fish, fresh fruit and cooked dishes place them immediately in the refrigerator after shopping. Avoid putting hot food that has not been cooled, in order not to create disorder in temperature.

In the coldest part of the freezer the temperature should not exceed 2 degrees Celsius.