Why Has Nobody Told Me Anything About This Before? 19 Tricks That Make Life Easier For Any Woman!

Everyone hates cleaning the house – it takes a lot of time to do it, and can be pretty boring. However, today we’re going to show you a few tips and tricks that will make the cleaning of your home fun and easy.


1. In order to prevent the doors from closing you can do that with the help of some rubber bands and just place them like in the image below.

2. In order to prevent damage to your car when you are opening the car especially, just place soft tab on the walls in front of the car.

3. With the help of KH7 and other degreasing products you can remove the paintings that you children made on the walls and other surfaces.

4. If you have a gum stuck on your carpet, you can easily remove it by putting an ice cube over it until it freezes. This will make the removal easier.

5. If you have nail holes in your walls, rub a bar of soap on them until they’re filled.

6. Rub your furniture with a bar of soap to restore its glow.

7. Put a rubber band in a screw when screwing it down like on the picture above to prevent it from moving around.

8. Keep tape bands on your walls with some silicone when painting your walls to prevent the paint from spreading.

9. Soak the screws you’re using in nail polish in order to allow them to enter the hole easier.

10. If your door is squeaky, just spray some machine oil in the hinges.

11. To make your bathroom shiny and lime-free, rub a lemon cut in half on everything and rinse with warm water.

12. What can help you to prevent damage to your kitchen is putting drop of silicone on the ends of your kitchen cabinet door handles.

13. To remove lime from your shower head easily, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and secure it over the head. This is an effective trick that will remove the lime in only one day.

14. Put some talc on your door hinges to eliminate the squeaking.

15. Remove pet hairs from your carpets and sofas easily with a clean crystal brush.

16. You can cover any holes in the walls with wax painting.

17. With the help of combination of lemon juice and fabric softener you can clean hardwood floors.

18. If your TV is constantly dusty, wipe it with a cloth soaked in lemon juice. This will keep the dust away from the TV for longer.

19. To remove odors from the microwave, put a glass of lemon juice and cinnamon powder inside and cook it for 5 minutes.